Town of Magnolia

Events for November 14, 2023

Weather in the Town of Magnolia

Town Board Hearing

To consider a request to rezone and create two separate parcels from a 158.75-acre parent parcel owned by Allen and Wendy McCoy 15007 W County Road A, Evansville, WI 53536. The new parcels would be rezoned from A-1 to A-3. There are currently two single family homes and farm buildings… Read More

Public Budget Hearing

Notice is hereby given that on November 14, 2023 at the Magnolia Town Hall immediately following the town board hearing, a PUBLIC HEARING on the PROPOSED 2024 BUDGET of the Town of Magnolia in Rock County will be held. The proposed budget in detail will be available for inspection from… Read More

Special Town Meeting of the Electors

Notice is hereby given that on November 14, 2023, immediately following completion of the Public Hearing on the proposed year 2024 budget at the Magnolia Town Hall, a special town meeting of the electors, called by the Town Board pursuant to Section 60.12 (1)(c) of the Wisconsin Statutes, will be… Read More